How Career Mentoring boosts organizational productivity?

    • An active career mentoring initiative by a company is a key retention tool to keep the best talent within its fold.
    • Career mentoring from employee’s point of view initiates clear focus about their career track, the blind spots that they have to overcome and the final goal to be reached.
    • The impact of career mentoring program can be seen through the productivity indicator, engagement surveys and reduction in attrition rate of the employees.
    • Career mentoring develops the efforts to retain the high potential candidates who can be groomed for greater responsibilities in the future.
    • It provides greater Job satisfaction through recognition, satisfaction and empowerment of the employees.

HINDCO’s mentoring program benefits the Organization as well as employee who is a part of the program.

The base of this program is a common understanding between Mentor and Mentee that they are working together for the improvement of the knowledge and skills of the Mentee, so that the Mentee will be able to take higher responsibilities and set up the ladder of his career. It is a deliberate, conscious and voluntary relationship that may or may not have a specific time limit. The program aims at providing motivation and boosts the morale of employees by guidance and helpful advice. 
Career mentoring enables the employees achieve greater competences and exposures. Career mentoring is a developmental process towards the individual goals established by the mentee and mentor partnership. 
Mentors are not tutors or counsellors, nor do they guarantee employment outcomes. Mentoring is a positive reciprocal relationship with benefits in direct relation to commitment.